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The MS Tower, vertical storage system is designed for sheet material storing. The most often it is used for storing of metal sheets.

The tower, with an optional ground plan and height, is created from a very robust welded structure, adapted for vertical storage of individual loading units.

Containers (loading units) are welded structures, dimensioned according to typical shipping formats and weights of metal sheets.

The extractor, which is a part of the lifting manipulator, performs horizontal displacements of the loading unit from/to the storage location in the tower; the lifting manipulator moves the loading unit vertically from/to the transfer position. The construction of the horizontally moving trolley ensures material lifting above container at operator area, which allows the manipulation of entire package using a forklift.

Manipulation of the individual sheets is usually carried out by vacuum manipulator or a magnet.

The double and multi tower system can be equipped with more operator areas, either at front, at back and/or at side machine position (depending on the design of the tower).

  • Container payload - 1,5 / 3 / 5 tun
  • Material dimension - 1250x2500 mm
  • Max. machine height - 7,5 and 12 m
  • Operator area type - Front with trolley (optional: back/side)
  • Material lifting - Optional
  • Module Control SW - Optional, Recommended, Necessary
  • Loading cells - Optional